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National Trainer for Revance Aesthetics

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Shadow Me In-Office

Want to shadow me for a day? Spend the day with me in Fresno, CA! 

My personal, hands-on trainings (needle to skin) are booked through Revance. Reach out to your Revance Rep to request a training with me.  

have I told y'all how much I love to teach and educate?!

Wanna learn all things RHA from me?
Let your local RHA rep know!!

Especially for such amazing products that I truly believe are Top Notch!

Recent Trainings

Officially apart of the Revance RBIC Faculty!!!

What's that mean?!

However, this allows injectors who may not be able to have me physically come to their clinic, to still be trained by me! Also, sometimes you just wanna see your trainer physically inject and explain what their doing and why.

Revance has chosen me to be one of the few people to now offer virtual, live, injection trainings- from my injection room! That way, injectors can get training from me live and watch me personally inject my own models!

If you're interested in a virtual training with me, let your RHA rep know!!

Hands on trainings are super important, and yes, I will still be doing those, as well!

Thank you Revance, for inviting me to provide such an awesome service!! 


Reasons Why I Love RHA

It's a more innovative technology.

The most natural looking and feeling.

Out with the old, in with the new!!

Amazing tissue integration.

Its dynamic stretch AND strength - not only does it move with dynamic expression, but it's strong enough to withstand the movement.

It's awesome longevity.

It allows me to address the tissues.

And many more....

RHA has taken over my practice and allows me to do so much more to meet my clients' needs and deliver the most natural look. 🥰

It's the shit... 🤪

Shadow Me for A Day

$1200 per day
Monday - friday 9am - 5pm

All hands-on trainings (needle to skin) are setup through Revance. Reach out to your local Revance Rep to request a hands-on training with me.

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